Welcome to Music 4 Meditation - a soundscape oasis of Spirit!
Music4meditation.com has a diverse selection of music for very deep meditation.
Soothing, peaceful, relaxing ... and challenging!  Such is the meditative music you will find here.
Certain types of meditation music and meditative soundscapes have the capability to reduce stress levels dramatically. On this site you will find meditation music and sound tapestries that are designed to bring you into extraordinary deep levels of relaxation.
However relaxation is only the beginning of the journey. Before you are able to go into deep meditation you have to be in a spontaneous and relaxed state of mind.  This relaxation is the rocket ramp from where you can begin an amazing inner journey of self discovery - an adventure that will take you into the true world of deep meditation.
How to meditate like a tiger
Often one can encounter difficulties in the daily meditation routine. How to avoid being caught up in thoughts, feeling dull, uninspired  or even falling asleep while meditating?
As a general rule this is not a problem if you meditate in a group. Group meditation is powerful. It creates the energetic momentum that allows for the meditation to become super awake. However it also contains a disadvantage: the possibility that our precious individual Self can be overrun by the stronger, but more conformed will of the group.
Lions hunts in groups. The tiger always hunts alone.
When you are meditating alone, without the support of the mass momentum of a meditation group, you need energy and direction from another source. This source is of course your own Self, but when you practice solo-meditation the adequate meditation music can be a very valuable tool!
Music4meditation is designed for solo-meditation
Music4meditation has designed musical soundscapes primarily for the solo-meditation situation.  It presents a solution where the very fabric of the music is designed to gently accompany you into the world of meditation - into your inner Himalayan soulscapes.

Meditation is easy with the right kind of meditation music

No matter what kind of meditator you are... you can be a beginner, an experienced meditator or have never meditated... With the music presented on this site you will be able to relax into deep states of meditation without any effort!  The meditation music you can enjoy here has a remarkable physiological and psychological seductive power  supporting your natural inner feelings of peace and tranquility.
To be meditated through music
Just put on your headphones and allow yourself to be taken along by the Alpha Wave meditation music. No need of advanced meditation techniques! The music on this site is designed to do the work for you - it will meditate you! Through the Alpha Wave Meditation Music you will soon learn to achieve meditative states far beyond the realms of outer reality.

However the meditation music on Music4meditation.com is not only about wellness and ordinary meditation!


In most cases it is not possible to return to a true feeling of Inner Calm, Contentment and Well Being without some therapeutic healing. Sometimes you need to cleanse your body and mind from emotional stress before you are able to relax truly. 

Catharsis, Alpha waves & Shamanistic trance

Ordinary wellness Meditation Music is not sufficient to heal the more hidden parts of your psyche. For this inner healing journey Music4meditation has created a powerfull sound cocktail synthezised out of three basic components, Catharsis, Alpha waves and Shamanism.

Catharsis Meditation - Feel to heal
The first element is what I have termed Catharsis Meditation Music.  Catharsis is a Greek word for cleansing or purging. C. G. Jung wrote:  
The foundation of all mental illness is the avoidance of legitimate suffering.

The Meditation Music on this site is designed and created in the spirit of this quote!
It is very simple. In order to heal, you need to feel the inside of your body-mind and the right kind of music will help you do that!
Catharsis Meditation Music is designed to take you deep into the subconscious.
The process of emotional catharsis through Meditation Music
is a fantastic tool in the attempt to heal the inner recesses of your body and mind. Here your Meditation becomes an actual experiential process of the unknown sides of your body-mind! In a state of deep relaxation you will feel the Meditation Music as an aching, soaring cathartic cleansing deep within you! The cathartic effect of this specially designed Meditation Music will help you release your emotional stress, clear out the dirt in your subcoscious mind in a soft and effortless way.
Alpha Wave Music - relaxation and body awarenes
The second component is made by the use of alpha waves.
To amplify the cleansing therapeutic effect Music 4 Meditation is infused with subtle alpha beats and other kinds of subliminal bi neural beats.
Alpha waves adds two valuable elements to the field of meditation. Alpha wave meditation music has a strong relaxing effect and at the same time it leads your attention to the realms of the body and away from the disturbing thought process.
The subconscious alpha pulse is automatically leading the healing awareness into the realms of the inner body.
Ordinary meditation tends to be loop sided. It does often not target the body. It's focus is the spirit. Spirit without body has often been used as a survival strategy to avoid the existential pain of life. However true contemporary meditation deals with body and soul as a whole. To view the world as a crossfield of infinite connections has always been the what the shamans have done. So alone out of this reason we also need to listen to the shaman voices where ever we find them - inside or outside.
Shaman high energy soundscapes
A truly sparkling and awake meditation needs a lot of energy and this energy you have to find in your ancestral past. You have to summon the courage to meet your wild inner stone age man and ask him for his cooperation. Do not make a devil out of him! In our inner caveman we find all the energy needed for creating the point of no return in meditation that makes meditation victorious in the battle against its greatest enemy: dullness. To wake the inner caveman Music4meditation makes use of a strong elements of shamanistic soundscapes and music.
The result of the combination of these three elements is a kind of music that enables you to heal your psyche - to clean out the dirt of your sub-conscious mind.
Music 4 Meditation presents 3 different categories of Meditation music
On this Meditation site you can find Music for Relaxation, Music for healing and Music for deep Meditation with Alpha waves.
You are invited to try it out with the free music samples on the Music for download page.


You are free to use all the music tracks as you like.  You can use the Meditation tracks for relaxation and vice versa. Because relaxation leads to Meditation, Meditation leads to healing and so on. Healing, Relaxation and Meditation are like streets to Rome. They are different aspects of the same thing.

Alpha Waves – an ancient language of pulse
Music has always been an integral part of human life.
The backbone of this ancestral heritage is the
pulse: the rhythm.
There is a direct and age old connection between you and the ancient terra cotta drummer you can see in the picture below.

Indus Valley
1500 B.C.

The trance-creating capability of pulsing beats has often been used in ancient shamanistic rituals and in many types of meditations.
But the
beta-beat of our modern life has become faster. It is no doubt that we live in fascinating times. Never before did we have as many possibilities and choices as we do now. But our body chemistry is still rooted in the life we used to live a million years ago! The age-old hunter is genetically still living in a cave somewhere inside of us. And thus we become the arena for a clash between the prehistoric conditioned body and the modern civilization.

Thus we are in danger. We become victims of chronic stress, anxiety and worries.
Our body-mind can tolerate only up to a certain limit of pressure. When the stresses climb to certain level we eventually reach a saturation point, and the results become uncomfortable at the best. Stress is becoming our state of being, instead of
being a wonderful peak point experience.
How does one encounter these dangers connected to our beautiful but sometimes overly fast life?

The natural relaxation process and the modern society
The process of relaxation is spontaneous and natural for individuals living in a "normal" environment. But not for us - members of the post-modern society! Modern man cannot just take the natural relaxation process for granted. It will no longer simply happen by itself.

In a highly complex society man has to create the conditions for effective de-stressing himself. He has to ritualize his day - make small breathing holes where his soul and body can enjoy a healing holiday of rest and peace.
We need to actively de-stress, to relax – to consciously devote a little time to find a state where the body can re-activate its wonderful self healing abilities.
Music4meditation - healing through meditation and music
Music has a great healing potential.  The entire human energetic system is extremely influenced by sounds. This potential is amplified when you listen in at state of meditation. You will without effort experience a state where meditation and music cannot be separated. Traditional meditation can often be  difficult to practice. But with the right music meditation becomes totally effortless!

The enhanced meditation music and soundscapes on Music4meditation is dedicated to:

Periodic stress is actually healthy! Only chronic stress is dangerous. Studies have also shown that those who meditate regularly react more quickly and more effectively to a stressful event.  Listening to the right meditation music does wonders to alleviate stress thus enabling you to release the tension you carry from life in the fast lane.

Among the first stress-fighting changes that take place when we listen to meditative music is an increase of the deep breathing patterns. What follows is a relaxation of tense muscles. The heart rate will simultaneously drop and lead to a lower systolic blood pressure. The body's production of serotonin and other essential hormones increases and will give you a sense of well being.
One of the best documented and well known effects of meditation concern its ability to reduce blood pressure in those with high blood pressure.

Re-activate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.
Persons who practice meditation experience much more stable health. They have less illnesses in general in their lives.

The natural inborn healing system of the body is jammed by chronic stress. When the body is given a chance to go into a deep relaxation, it will heal itself as automatically as it rids itself of infections through the work of the immune system.

When meditation combined with the alpha music becomes a daily part of life, both the heart rate and breathing rate develop a slower pace as the body experiences less emotional stress. The body becomes more relaxed and more efficient.

Re-activate your natural ability to cope with the modern world.
When you start to fall into relaxation your ability to perform in stressful peak situations increases. The relaxation periods enables the body to repair itself both on a physiological and emotional level. When you in this sense have returned to your natural state of well being your creativity, learning potentiality, memory, sleep pattern and feeling of self esteem will be much better.
Meditation also increases one's perceptual ability and motor performance.

On a mental level daily meditation music sessions can help you in developing clarity and  inner peace.  Self-acceptance and self-confidence will follow natural as a result of this relaxation.  

Enhanced creativity, productivity and eventually greater self-actualization will make our work environment more satisfactory and improve our relationships with coworkers, supervisors and subordinates.
Meditation makes us more creative, more responsible and more productive.

Does it sound to much like advertizing? Then please google 'meditation' and 'science'
and see for yourself!

Make meditation an effortless part of your life.
Meditation is in this context defined as a conscious chosen relaxation. No religion or advanced technique is required to benefit tremendously from a meditative relaxation.
Only the right kind of meditation music is needed so that your body can rediscover its age old de-stress button. A meditative soundscape is such a great stress management tool because everybody has an inborn ability to fall into relaxation. It could not be more easy!

Select a meditation technique that fits your lifestyle and belief system. More and more people build meditation into their daily routine. Meditation is fast becoming mainstream these years.


Instant effortless deep meditation with Music4meditation.com
If you take a short look at  the guestbook you will see statements like this:

I am a VERY stressed person and compulsive smoker but your music realy helps me relax...

I went through and amazing inner journey through the music....

The music on M4M is designed to meditate you! You do not have to do the job.
The alpha soundscapes will do it for you! The Alpha wave music will be your meditation teacher and guide. When you have put yourself in a comforatble place with headphones on, all you need to do is to turn on the music.

Can you meditate like Dalai Lama with meditation music?
On the web you will find a lot of New Age music sites, claiming that you while listening to their music will be able to shortcut years of meditation.
Of course you will not be able instantly to meditate like an experienced Zen monk or long term meditator with any kind meditation music. I can personally tell you from my own experience with meditation that is based on 30 years of daily meditation practice. 
When this is said you can still - both as a beginner and as a long term meditator - benefit tremendously from the meditation soundscapes presented on music4meditation.com!
I challenge you! - You will not find any site with more powerful deep meditation music as the relaxing alpha music presented on M4M!   



Meditation is becoming an integral part of a successful modern life.
Recently a lot of scientific research has demonstrated amazing results revealing just how meditation affects the human brain!

Meditators have:

Better physical, emotional and mental health. This leads automatically to new ways of inventive and creative brain functioning! Did I forget to mention better sleep?

But first of all:
Meditation practiced even for a short time every day will make you happier and more relaxed.

Music4meditation wants to make a small contribution to make this future happen:
Highly creative and efficient individuals - even meditative atheists...
beings who are strong enough to design their own destiny in harmonious and emphatic respect toward other beings.

Who knows.... maybe you will re-find your lost melody ... right here on this site.

Kind regards!

Gunnar Mühlmann
Senior Master in Music and Literature
30 years of experience with Meditation
You can visit my meditation website here: www.meditation.dk

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            If music be the food of love.
             then play on
 -  Shakespeare