Alpha Wave Music is the back bone of!
Music containing alpha or other binaural beats is very effective to bring forth a state of
 tranquility. Especially for beginners in the fine art of relaxation these kinds of fertilizers are very potent. 
This site has specialized in music and soundscapes that are penetrated by Alpha Wave.
The Alpha Wave Music you can experience here changes the rhythm of our brain waves
It combines the beauty of melodies, harmonies and vast in a total natural and effortless way. soundscapes with the bineural beat of the alpha waves: The pulse of the alpha frequency is discretely woven into the rhythmical tapestry of the Alpha Wave Music.

What are Alpha waves?
A waveform like the alpha can be described through its frequency.
Alpha waves have a range between 7 to 12 HZ and they are giving the brain and body deep rest.
The Alpha state is generally brought on by de-focusing one's attention. Alpha waves are naturally produced by the brain, when you relax. In this relaxation you are alert, but not drowsy or sleepy.
The brain can easily be inspired to produce alpha waves through external sources such as music - especially through certain rhythmical patterns. These alpha patterns can be audible and / or so low in volume that they can only picked up by the subconscious mind.
After a while this musical pulse affects all the sectors of the brain. Here the brain will reach a state called coherence. The right alpha wave meditation music induces greater communication and interaction between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Coherence can be described as a condition where wavesin phase and of one wavelength simultaneously are generated in the different parts of the brain.

This synchrony between the waves can make the brain will act like a tight playing rock band.  A coherent brain is whatever wave length we are talking about, an optimal brain.
In the case of the calmness and soothing effect an alpha wave synchrony a performing symphony orchestra will make a better metaphor: If the different groups, strings, horns and so on are playing in the same pulse and rhythmical patterns, we can talk about a coherent or synchronic performance. Without coherence the music would be less inspiring and the same can be said about our brain!

Listening to Alpha Wave Music is the most efficient way to reach states of deep relaxation within a short time!
Listening to Alpha Wave Music changes the rhythm of your brain waves in a total natural way. It combines the beauty of melodies and harmonies with the bineural beat of the alpha waves: The pulse of the alpha waves are discretely woven into the rhythmical tapestry of the music.
Especially in the US there are a lot of different types of rather sterile brain light machines available. They also work with the science of alpha waves. The bineural beat is served through headphones in the form of unpleasant sounding sinus tones. But the brain is much more than the sum total of the scientific and clinical measurements of different wave patterns. Science alone is not enough!
A lot of the soundscapes and bineural-beat sounds you hear elsewhere are often without beauty - designed by people who think that soul can be produced by pushing a button!
Science and beauty needs to go together - exactly like the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Alpha wave music tries to bring in the best from both the world of emotional,irrational experience and scientific knowledge. Only in the meeting of the scientific world of bineural beats with the sheer beauty of music a true relaxation can happen.
This musical process of synchronizing and stimulating the brain also has been known to increase the brain's production of endorphins, the natural opiate (like neurotransmitters) linked to pleasure and pain relief.
In the Alpha state one becomes aware of the "inner bodily sensations".
Generally there is a heightened feeling of well being.
This non-focused body awareness is the key that unlocks the body-mind unlimited capability to heal itself! In this state we also begin to access the wealth of creativity that lies potent in our non-focused awareness. The Alpha waves of the brain can also be compared to the window frequency known as the Schuman Resonance, which is the resonant frequency of the earth's electromagnetic field
The Beta state is associated with heightened mental activity, peak concentration, and visual acuity. Beta activity is "fast" activity and can often be associated with states of anxiety. Stimulating music has been found to produce beta waves, which prepare you for quick response to external events.
Theta waves can accompany feelings of emotional stress, but they can also be a sign of deep meditation. Theta waves are furthermore produced in periods of REM dream sleep.
Delta waves only occur during periods of deep sleep. The "Alpha healing-state" will often spontaneously improve the low
frequency deep sleep which triggers the release of Growth Hormone beneficial for healing and regeneration
The Alpha wave Music may due to its very powerful enhancing alpha techniques not be recommended for people with epilepsy.
You can "google" Alpha Wave and/or brain light machines if you want further information.
Gunnar Muhlmann