Relaxation, healing & wellness music

In this music category you will find soft music created for the purpose of lighter relaxation and wellness. A healthy body is spontaneously in a state of wellness when it relaxes after a work period. In this state the body will begin to heal itself. That is why periods of relaxation after stressful work situations are so important.

When you begin a relaxation session  by listening to this specially designed relaxation music  you will be able to access your subconscious mind and body in order to solve a problem, develop greater personal insight, or engage in emotional healing in a deeper way.  Stress relief rituals with music are both a pleasant and important part of modern life.

A colorful variety of charming melodies and imaginative soundscapes will take you along. Concert-like string passages give you a feeling of space, width and freedom.
Piano, guitar, and flute enhance the pleasant feeling of tranquility.

With music for relaxation you don't have to consciously set time apart for a relaxation session. You can even use it as background music while doing something else.

The relaxation music intentionally has a less powerful effect as compared to the
Alpha wave music or the Music for Healing.  Therefore this relaxation and wellness music also can be played through ordinary speakers.  The best result however, will be obtained through listening with headphones.

Gunnar Muhlmann