These alpha wave soundscapes with Tibetan chanting are among the most efficient meditation tracks on


These Cyber-shamanic electronic ambient sound healing and cathartic soundscapes are some of the most efficient catalysts for deep meditation; however this music invites that you surrender into the music with ease and a spirit of adventure. It can be a very challenging and exiting journey to venture deep into your inner spiritual subconscious domanains!  


The energy of Alpha Monks is continuously growing in intensity during the whole length of the track. What you hear in the small free sample is just the beginning of a much more intense journey. Welcome to the paradox of relaxation and adventure!

When Tibetan Monks chant, they produce alpha waves. In this track the recording of the Tibetan Monks is digitally processed to enhance these naturally occuring alpha waves. Deep low frequency alpha waves are then added. The natural overtones made by the monks chant are also amplified so that they become a distinct part of the soundscape. On top of this oceanic symphony the high frequency and healing sounds of Tibetan bells make their entry. One of the most powerful tracks on!

Duration 9:54



This piece of music is built out of digitally enhanced samples of Gustav Mahler's authentic music and the chanting of Tibetan Monks. Mahler's deep emotional music is combined with the oceanic chanting of the Monks.
This symphonic alpha wave  soundscape will connect you with your heart through breathing. Allow deep breathing to happen in harmony with the the music. Make a short break after exhalation and inhalation.   

Duration 8:20

Monks in Moonlight is a soundspace that will reverberate deep within the soul. The music will take you to a kind of plateau where you can dwell in peace and ease. Anywhere in the soundscape you can stop and relax. You are free from the search of a future paradise - and yet there is a movement in time, celebrating the fact that you don't have to go anywhere. This is for me true meditation: time free 'innerstanding' in joyous ease.

Duration 12:05

The depths of the galactic chanting in this track requires surrender from the listeners side. It is like in an old spiritual Indian exercise. The practice is to jump into a powerful whirlpool in a big lake. The whirl stream will take the spiritual student down to the bottom of the lake. If he surrenders completely and does not fight the stream, the stream itself will take him to the surface again.
If there is resistance he will drown. When Gods true power - what the Indian sages have called the Kundalini power flows through your body, there is no place for anything else than surrender.

So you do not need to find a whirlpool lake. Just put on your headphones and enjoy rebirth through surrender!

Duration 12:05

This soundscape will bring awareness to the inner fractal universe of the body. As below - so above.

Duration 12:05

This track seeks to combine the knowledge of the heart with the 'emptiness' of the chanting Monks.

Here you can say:
My heart says I am everything
My mind says I am nothing.
Duration 5:16

If you are having any unresolved emotional stress, it can be a good idea to recall these feelings while going deep with Violin and chantings Monks. This can help you in going into a liberating and profound emotional catharsis.



This track is meant to bring you back into the body. After a deep travel into the inner galactic space of your Soul, it is time to return and celebrate time and space. The pulses of the base and the base drum will reconnect the 'higher' energies with the body. It is recommended that you move or even dance to this track.

The symphonic soundscape of the Breathing Alpha Monks will reconnect you with your feeling heart through your breathing. The art of deep and calm breathing is very important for maintaining peace and traquillity.  Allow deep breathing to happen in harmony with the waves of the music. Make a short break in your breathing after exhalation and inhalation. It can be a good idea to end your meditation or relaxations sessions with this track. The Breathing Alpha Monks will help your transition back to a feeling of a more liberated ordinary life.

Duration :16






Music for meditation with alpha impulses

Alpha Caravan

A soft track with south Indian violin that will generate a state of wellness and flow in the body of the meditative listener. This track is suitable as an ouverture, as the first track in a longer meditation session. 

Alpha Gamma Impulses

This track is belonging to a new generation of subliminary wave meditation!
Together with the alpha impulses this soundscape also incorporates
gamma wave coherence. These gamma waves is vibrating at 36-44 HZ and they are increasing the possibility to experience lucid dreaming during the session!

Hence it is a good idea to lie down during this session. I recommend that you first chose to relax to some of the other track before entering into this meditation - at least if you want to experience the lucid dreaming potential of this track.
I also cannot guarantee that you will experience this dream state, since lucid dreams depends on many external factors and of course your personal state of being right here and now.  Anyhow this track is a powerful soundscape for deep meditation!

Duration 13:03

Ocean of Alpha Waves

This piece of soft Alpha Wave Music is made with an echo technique that can be described metaphorically as waves on an ocean.
It has a very soothing effect. In the oceanic vastness of the echoing sound waves you will hear a discrete mono-tone flute note shifting rapidly from left to right in the sound picture. This constant 7HZ vibrating flute note is the read thread in this composition. The alpha note is the path finder in the journey to perceive Chaos as Cosmos.
Duration 22:13
Heart full Alpha music with a simple adagio melody played by a piano. The background sound tapestry is infused with fast and energetic alpha waves. In the world of rhythms fast is equivalent to slow. That is why the adagio piano and the allegro background sound tapestry is going well together. This contradiction is metaphorically mirroring a possible new way of behavior in the fast pace modern world we live in: You can go slow while running fast. Let us slow down faster.
Duration 11:59
Alpha music tailored for physical exercise like jogging or work out .
This track is primarily made for trance-running with a walkman. But only do this physical meditation in a Gym. It is not advisable to run outside in state of semi trance.
The alpha waves ability to energize the body is here supported with a slower beat that is coherent with the pulsating movements in the running.
Duration 15:06
Alpha music for physical exercise like dancing, jogging or work out
This track is primarily made for trance-dancing preferably with a walkman. The alpha waves amazing ability to energize the body can be used as a shortcut to get access to the age old and almost limitless resources of the body.
Duration 6:15
Body energizing Alpha Wave Soundscape
The Power Alpha is creating flow of energy both in body & brain.
Suggestion how to use this track:
To get maximum effect in this track: don't move your body. Let it be like a stone during the whole session. Then the music will allow you to sink deeper into the energy-system of the body-mind. Deep healing will be the result.
Duration 6:15

Gunnar Muhlmann