The music on this site is designed primarily for listening with headphones, so for the best outcome, listen with headphones.
If you listen to the music through loudspeakers the relaxing effect will be substantially diminished. This is especially the case with the alpha wave music.
Apart from this important thumb rule the following instructions are to be seen only as suggestions and hints. Do not strain yourself in order to follow these instructions. Effortlessness and comfort is the most important factor.
You are free to do what feels natural for you and still benefit from the music.
Position - symmetry is important
Sit in a comfortable chair or lie down on your back in a symmetrical position with closed eyes. Brain-coherence is closely linked with symmetrical body-positions. For maximum energy flow between brain and body the spine and head should be in a strait position. It is in this sense not advisable to use a pillow if you lie down. The best is to lie down on a soft yoga mat or something similar.

Be in the chosen position in a few minutes. Allow your breathing to be deep and free. If it feels right for you, you can keep the in-going and out-going air for a few seconds (or more). Don't make sudden or fast movements - keep the body as still as possible.
Then activate the music.
Let your awareness sink into your body - feel your body. The music will make it easy to feel the "energies" flowing in the body. Start with feeling your hands - you might experience them as warm, cold, heavy, tingling - whatever comes up is ok! Then you can allow this energy-feeling to transfer itself to the rest of the body.
Then allow the relaxation to happen on its own accord - effortless & natural!

Feel 2 heal
The famous psychologist C. G. Jung wrote: The foundation of all mental illness is the avoidance of legitimate suffering.
The Meditation Music on this site is designed and created in the spirit of this quote!

It is not possible to return to a true feeling of Inner Calm, Contentment and Well Being without some therapeutic and chathartic work. 

During a true healing session you might feel all kinds of strange sensations in your inner body. Some of them may even be painful. Don't worry! This is the best thing that can happen. The secret is that the body heals itself through these energies - especially the unpleasant feelings! Don't analyze what is happening - do not call it anything apart from "energies". Feel these various energies in a neutral state of mind, not judging or labeling them. Let your awareness dwell in the innocent sensation of these feelings.
Feel to heal...
Here we can use the slogan work out people and body builders have coined in a new context. They say: No pain, no gain. This is also true for the indwelling natural healing processes of the body In our modern life we have come so accustomed to avoid pain that pain has become a strong demonic force chasing us exponential to the amount of escape routes we have made through various pain killers like excess eating, sleeping tablets, chronic partying, intoxicants and so on.
So.... If you can face it ... 'God' can fix it.
If you can feel it...God can heal it.

ADDITIONAL READING - Not required to benefit fully from music4meditation

Feelings are fuel
Anyone who dares to take a conscious peep into the laboratory that is his own body, will discover the simple fact that the body is full of different sensations.
Normally we label these feeling sensations as love, anger, joy, hate, worry and so on. Love, hate, compassion or worry are, on this level just chemical weather reports from our inner geographical landscapes.
Sometimes we also talk about butterflies in the stomach or gut feelings and in this use of language we are quite close to the next level of observation that allows us to discover that all these feelings can be experienced on a more abstract level as "energies". Fear can, in a state of clear awareness, be seen or felt as a chemical energy storm with its centre somewhere between the throat and the navel.
This energy - what ever form it takes - is the very fuel that makes us able to go on the path of life.
To enter this secret world you have to travel into the inner world of energies and sensations in the cellular landscapes of your own body. Now what is the practical benefit for us as human beings to become familiar with the inner body?
As mentioned before: all body-energies whatever form they take, are fuel for our body-engine to go on running. We cannot afford to forego any of these energy forms away since they represent a valuable source of fuel.

From raw oil to petrol
Let us use an oil refinery as a metaphor. We pump raw oil out of the ground. No car engine will be able to go on this fuel. The raw oil needs to be refined into petrol or gas. The same is the case with our inner raw oily energies. So called lower feelings or impure feelings should not be suppressed. They should instead be refined so that it can fuel our human body machine. Anger or so called primitive desire, contains, like all basic instinctive feelings, a tremendous amount of energy.
Now the million dollar question is: How to refine and transform these raw oily energies?

Pure intimate and innocent awareness is the best refinery.
Here intellectual understanding will not do alone. The best vehicle for this travel is pure and intimate awareness. This awareness is like a pure witness. It just watches the "gut-storms" of the abdominal life. But it is at the same time also an innocent, intimate and compassionate watcher! This simple, childlike and meditative attitude is ignoring everything in full and loving awareness. It does not that unfolds itself by itself.
Now the million dollar question is: How to refine and transform these raw oily energies?
This process can be strongly enhanced by the right music.

The largest & most important sense organ – the skin
Of all the five senses the sense of feeling is the most fundamental in the process of meditation. (At least this has been my personal experience.)

Amplification of feeling-sensations through awareness
Right now… Just feel the many different sensations from your skin: feel your toes, feet’s, legs, hands … feel also how the clothes has contact to your skin. Maybe you can even feel the sensation of your hair on the head and the feeling of your face in contact with the surrounding air. When you direct your innocent awareness to these simple facts of sensation, you will feel an immediate amplification of these sensations. This spontaneous amplification is tremendously important.

A short preliminary definition of the difference between awareness and consciousness
At the same time we note that we are able to direct our awareness to different locations - contrary to what is here defined as 'consciousness'. In this context our definition of consciousness is that it is essentially abstract and non-locatable in time and space. Consciousness is also not dependant upon sensations. Awareness is basically rooted in feeling sensations and is direct-able.

Now let us 'aware' our hands
The brain has reserved a lot of processing power for the hands. Accordingly it will be the best place to sense this phenomenon of sense-amplification. When you start feeling your hands in this simple non-intellectual 'aha'-awareness they will start tingling or feeling hot or heavy…
Now feel- I am deliberately avoiding the word "look" - deeper into this phenomenon - right in this moment it is taking place in your hands. You will now be able to innerstand several small things so close to you that your eyes have not been able to see them. Nevertheless these small things have been with you your whole life! And behind the curtain of the obvious you have been their servant!

The two directions of feeling sensations
So the first innerstanding of the obvious is that your sense of feeling is dual. They can be divided into: Outer skin sensations & Inner feeling sensations from the core of the body

Outer skin sensations
I guess we are all quite intellectually aware of our body's outer skin sensations. But let us conduct a little experiment. When you, starting with your outer skin-sensation, aha-feel your hands, then arms etc. you will most probably discover that the previously mentioned sense-amplification after some time will take you away from the surface of your skin and deeper into your body.

Feeling sensations from the inside of the body
So now we are beginning our journey into the inner body. Astonishing is the fact that the sensations we receive from the inner core of our body somehow is a very aware fact and at the same time is utterly shrouded in unawareness.
So here our exploration into the obvious begins. We have to, metaphorically speaking to start with rediscovering that 1 plus 1 equals 2.

Physical pain
One type of sensations we are able to receive from the inner body is the sensation of physical pain. Physical pain is in general a non-dual sensation. But under certain circumstances physical pain can morph into what could be called ecstatic sensations.

Sexual sensations
The sexual sensations are mono-sensations like the pain sensations. But similar to the pain sensations they can transform into the same area of ecstatic sensations. The sexual sensations are furthermore able to bridge and connect the physical with the emotional sensations.

Emotional sensations
Another type of sensations arises from here. We call them feelings or emotions. They are somehow close relatives to pain, but in opposition to the physical pain-feelings they are dual in nature in the sense that they can move into what is called feelings of pleasure. Apart from pain-pleasure feelings there are love-hate, happiness-sadness, hope-despair, fear-courage feelings and all imaginable, almost symphonic variations over these main themes. When we describe these sensations we use the word: feel, a word we also use in our description of the outer skin sensations. We say I feel happy, and I feel sad. We also say I feel pain or I feel sexually aroused. Another interesting fact is that we don't describe these actual happenings as they actually are: as phenomena taking place in our inner body. We already have abstract ready made words that in themselves already are interpretations of the phenomena. These ready made word-concepts are words like sad, happy, angry, etc.

Yet a fourth kind of feeling-sensation arise from the body core. We could call them dark matter sensations since they immanently are utmost present, yet on the other hand we have no language to describe them.
They are in this context the most important sensations to aware. Let's dive deeper into the realm of dark matter sensations.

The location of dark matter sensations
Close your eyes for a short moment after reading the next lines. Take a deep breath - deep breathing especially through the mouth makes it easier for the awareness to come in contact with the lower part of the body core. With closed eyes we can now
go "hunting" for the dark matter sensations. Scan your inner body with your feeling awareness from the anus up to the throat. Between these poles there is a good possibility that you will be able to 'aware' the dark matter energies - especially the stomach area is important.

The stomach contains the most important brain you have. This brain rules your life!
Another hot spot for dark matter energies is hidden in the hands (and feet). But let us start with an inner-body-exploration of the anus. You have to aha-feel with your inner awareness. Your basic awareness will amplify your sensation of the area. You will probably feel that "something" is going on there.

If you cannot feel anything now, you should stop reading and instead use energy and time to say hello to your body. Embrace it... It could be the beginning of a life long friendship!

There are no precise words for this ... jellyfish
Maybe we could describe this "something" as a kind of tingling, burning or nervous electrical energy. Most probably it will not be pleasant to feel, but it is not what you could call pain. Now go from the anus to the area of the lower stomach. Again you will feel all kinds of different tingling, nervous electrical energy patterns dance. The word "dance" is here used to highlight the fact that these energy patterns are not static. They are dynamic and they often move in very slow movements like a sea-flower moved by tidal waves. Often the look-feel of these dark matter patterns almost looks like flowers or trees in the way they unfold in the inner-body universe. These tingling, nervous electrical energy patterns mostly have tentacles - either within the core of the body and/or tentacles going out in the arms and legs. You can aware them as a kind of jellyfish with its main body in the lower stomach area. You might also feel these energy-patterns as isolated tentacles. These tentacles might even sometimes feel like stinging or burning.
Since our language somehow has been "banned" from these areas of sensation it is very difficult to find suitable metaphors. So all the metaphor mentioned here should be apprehended in the broadest way possible. That is partly why I have chosen the jellyfish as a metaphor: it is in itself an almost abstract animal containing 98% water. You could also aware these energy-sensations as abstract 3-dimensional forms. It can be quite a sport to locate these abstract forms as they rise and fall in infinite variations.
If your experience can't be contained in these metaphors you are welcome to find your own suitable analogue. The most
important thing is that we can agree on that "something" is going on there.

Dark matter sensations are the building stones from which all emotions are created.
When you start to aware the tiny tingling, burning or nervous electrical energy in your body you will notice that you in fact have been carrying a universe of complex sensations in you all the time! The most basic of all meditation techniques is to always aha-feel these sensations. When you have made it a way of life to always aha-aware these sensations you will notice that all of your feelings basically are rooted in the secret life of the dark matter energies - it is only a question of the intensity before these sensations are channeled into the ready made expression-containers we call love, joy, fear, hate etc. Actually all feeling sensations that a human can aware are created out of the dark matter sensations. They are the atomic particles of all feeling-material. Dark matter evolves into physical feelings and then from there into emotional feelings.