Relaxing music with ambient sounds

The High Tibetan Bells is a very powerful healing soundscape. Due to the prevalence of high frequent subsonic sounds and absence of low frequencies the spontaneous awareness of the body will go "higher". The anchoring in the body awareness will tend to be less. This is the right track when you want you want to explore and heal the realm of dreams, fantasy and spirit.
But judge for your self... On this track the lead singing is done by living Whales!
They are accompanied by acoustic blues guitars and chanting Tibetan monks.
A true piece of new age world music...
Duration 6:52
This track is meant as a contribution to the New Age Music spice up with Indian flavors. The flute used on the track is an Indian bamboo flute. This type of flute is very rich in harmonic overtones and these frequencies are like in Alpha Monks digitally enhanced. Overtones are somehow always, whether they are created by the human voice or by an instrument such a Tibetan Bowl, very beneficial for the meditative and relaxing listener.
Duration 7:06
This track (I must confess) was not made in the usual spontaneous and rather unconscious stream of creativity in which most music is born. It was created out of a concept. The thought is that peace and harmony is an outcome of the ability to see and embrace opposites and polarities in a space of unity. And when you see this truth and add a little sense of humor: what could be more opposite that the shrill sound of the Indian Shennai and an angelical harp? So my humble suggestion is that you, before listening to this track, consciously make a firm resolve of conceiving all the shrill contradictions in your post modern world within a feeling of Unity. And this inner container is made strong with the following two wings: Compassion and humor.
Duration 6:01

This is one of my favorite tracks. The music will take you through different stages or realities in surprising ways. These new musical dimensions represents and accentuates new possibilities and realities in your own wonderfull consciouss brain. In thsi sense the track is taking you to new landscapes within your own mind. Just relax and let go in trust.
Duration 6:17

Entangled Hearts
This track is all about love. However true love is not something that we can obtain, practize or act. It is a spontanoeus gift, a gift that arises after the death of the
ego as we know ourselves. Love arises in the rebirth of, not the ego, but the ego
in its new form af pure individuality. You will maybe not understand this text.
However I am sure understanding will arise, if you have the patience to listen to
the end of this track.

Duration 7:02

Gunnar Muhlmann