Soft guitar music for de-stressing and relaxing

These pieces of music might end up being your favorite music for relaxation as it is for me now! This soft guitar music can be enjoyed as pure de-stressing and relaxing music. You can however read the comments to the single tracks and get inspired to use it in a deeper way. It is all p to you!
We start with the end... the night is a new beginning. For mystics, sunset and sunrise have been used as symbols for inner transformation. In the beautiful sunset we are embracing the precious moment when everything is colored by the beauty of twilight. In the twilight zone our attention is directed both inward and outward.
Duration 3:29
With a feeling of sorrow and gratitude we saying good bye to our past. As we enter the unknown darkness of the night we are letting go of our selves in order to find our Selves. The night is - alone - all one - the place for meditation in in solitude. A reconnection with our galactic being.
Duration 3:09

In joy and silence we celebrate the process of transformation. In India they call this 'feeling' Sat, Chit, Ananda - truth, being, bliss.
Duration 3:49

We take our new purified understanding of the eternal self into a new day in a soft greeting of the rising sun.
Duration 5:06

In the daily action of our ordinary life -
with our new understanding -
we let the heart walk first -
Sometimes it is a hard task -
but it is the only way to walk -
on a path that will not end blind.
Duration 4:58

And after the initial turmoil of this realization -
everything is as it was before -
as it always was....
Can you see the little smile in the face of the Buddha?
Duration 4:46


Gunnar Muhlmann